Eating in the Purple Tier


On Tuesday, the state moved Humboldt County back into the purple "widespread" tier. Some of the restrictions under the state's highest risk tier have shifted over the course of the pandemic, so here's a rundown of what's allowed at eating and drinking establishments under current conditions.
The dining room at the Sea Grill, where indoor dining ends after tonight. - PHOTO BY THOMAS LAL
  • Photo by Thomas Lal
  • The dining room at the Sea Grill, where indoor dining ends after tonight.
Bars that don't serve food must remain closed. Indoor dining is closed, while outdoor dining is allowed with modifications. Those modifications include spacing outdoor tables at least 6 feet apart (measured from the back of a chair at one table to the back of a chair at the next table) and, if using a tent, only closing one side. Takeout and delivery are still allowed.

Restaurants are still considered essential, so getting food at one will still be allowed under the nighttime stay-at-home order that starts at midnight tonight and will be into effect from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. as long as Humboldt County remains in the purple tier. Should the state's Northern California Region fall under 15 percent cumulative available ICU capacity, automatically triggering a stay-at-home order, takeout and delivery will still be allowed but outdoor dining will be shut down.

Pro tip: Keep yourself and restaurant staff safer by sanitizing your hands, wearing a mask and distancing when you pick up. It may be your one outing of the day but staff are faced with scores of customers, potentially increasing their health risks with cumulative exposure. And yes, we tip for takeout now. It's a pandemic. 

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