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Annie's Cambodian Cuisine Finds a New Home


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Since the owner of the building housing Annie's Cambodian Cuisine in Eureka  submitted plans to demolish it and build a Starbuck's and another chain restaurant in its place, the search has been on for a new spot for the popular family-owned Southeast Asian restaurant. Now, after weeks of negotiation, Annie's has landed new digs in Henderson Center, though the Fifth Street location is still open for business. (Don't let the plywood on the door — the result of a break-in last month — fool you.)
The future home of Annie's Cambodian Cuisine, 2850 F St., the former home of Manzanilla. - PHOTO BY JENNIFER FUMIKO CAHILL
  • Photo by Jennifer Fumiko Cahill
  • The future home of Annie's Cambodian Cuisine, 2850 F St., the former home of Manzanilla.

[jump] On Wednesday, a smiling Chin Chau was at 2850 F Street, getting to work on the former brick-and-mortar home of food truck Manzanilla. Over the phone, Laura Chau-Yang says, "We still have to do some changes so we can cook Cambodian type cuisine in there.” The multiple ovens — including a pizza oven — aren't geared for the kind of noodle, rice, hot pot and stir-fry dishes Annie and Chin Chau have been turning out downtown. “We definitely need a wok burner – those are special because of how big they are and the heat they need,” she says, adding that a custom-built one is on order to handle the new location's larger capacity.

Chau-Yang says since customers have always enjoyed eating at the bar and chatting with staff, they'll also be building a bar. All that renovation means they'll need approval from the city along with the usual health department inspections. Between the paperwork and the changes to the space, as well as moving equipment and the paintings, statues and other artwork Annie imported from Cambodia, she says they hope to open in Henderson Center this summer. 


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