NCJ Preview: Native Boarding School Deaths, COVID Update and More


As the U.S. and Canada face a reckoning over the abuse of Indigenous children in their forced boarding school systems, researchers in Oregon have been working to document the deaths of children at the Chemawa Indian School. Some of those children were from here in Humboldt County. We'll talk about the effort to bring their lives and deaths to light. Also, we're breaking down newly released COVID-19 data relating to the Delta surge and how it has impacted vaccinated and unvaccinated locals. On a lighter note, we've got a satirical take on the hiring crisis, imagining how hard it must be for a villain to find good henchmen these days. And finally, we'll take you from Centerville Beach to the top of Grasshopper Peak for another sea-to-summit adventure. Hit subscribe for weekly updates on stories from around the county. 

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