Hoka Hey!



Photo: Associated Press

As Hayduke would say. Or maybe he'd just cast a hairy eyeball at all the goodwill on display in Jeff Barnard's AP piece about the levee-busting up on upper Klamath Lake to make life better for some suckers:

"This particular site has been viewed by so many as so important [to the ecological restoration of the basin] that the agricultural community was able set aside those feelings that we are losing our foothold here," said John Crawford of Tule Lake, Calif.

"We all recognize that for all of us to coexist here, there have to be sacrifices made on all sides," he said. "As long as we are making the sacrifices on the part of the native species here ... the members of the environmental community and members of the tribal communities have to acknowledge and support the idea that the remaining acres of agriculture have to remain viable."
More on sustainability in the Klamath Basin .

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