100 Watts of Goodwill



Sunday morning with an Indian Summer headcold. Feels like one has been very lightly novocained from the neck up. Times like this, nothing beats sitting around with a cup of VapoRub tea, shades drawn down, stereo tuned to Caltrans Radio KMKE, 98.1 FM.

There's something about blasting "The Mike," as they don't call it, that really makes the experience of a brain-clogging malady complete. They should market it that way. "Congestion in your head? Congestion on the roads! Tune into THE MIKE -- KMKE, 98.1 FM! Radio duller than your senses!"

Currently in heavy rotation on The Mike is a one-minute promo for the Hammond Trail celebrations scheduled for next weekend. And by "heavy rotation," I mean a non-stop endless loop for the last 48 hours or so. The upbeat promo -- come on out and celebrate! -- is read by Humboldt County Trails Queen Jennifer Rice, of KHUM's "Happy Trails," the Trails Trust of Humboldt Bay and RCAA's Natural Resources Division.

Caltrans promoting trails? Sounds odd at first, but after you listen to the announcement a couple hundred times a dark suspicion arises: This is the way Caltrans District One supports non-motorized transportation. Even if the district ends up running the announcement a few tens of thousands of times, airtime on The Mike is still cheaper than the alternative.

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