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Love 'em or loathe 'em -- and we don't know anybody who actually loathes them, per se -- there's something undeniably inspiring about the folks at Green Wheels . These fresh-faced alternative transportation activists have exploded on the scene in the last few months, making themselves ubiquitous in every countywide discussion that even remotely touches on busing or biking and walking.

One could argue that the key to their success has been their irrepressible "can-do" spirit, which often takes the form of super-cool technology harnessed to serve their cause. See, for instance, the Humboldt County entry in Google Transit -- an immensely useful little Green Wheels project that vaults us way ahead of much larger communities.

Whether that means you want to watch a YouTube video of Green Wheelers cleaning up sidewalks to the sound of Santana's "Oye Como Va" ... that's entirely up to you. For our part, it's a convenient excuse to test out embedded video.

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