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Two Peoples, One Place, the new Humboldt County history by Ray Raphael and Freeman House,  gets a great review in the San Francisco Chronicle. (The NCJ had the honor of launching the book last month.)

Balloon Track East? Local kazillionaire Rob Arkley's company, Security National, is developing a 130-acre industrial park in Plympton, Mass., according to the Boston Globe. The project contrasts with Arkley's Home Depot-anchored Marina Center project in several interesting ways. First: It's much huger. Second: Though the project includes a restaurant, a hotel and a good deal of "general business" space -- retail? -- it's mostly all about industry. Third: In stark contrast to the way things have gone down in Eureka, the townfolk of Plympton have been actively involved in designs for the site.

The Wall Street Journal reports on an anti-tithing movement that's taking root amongst the nation's faithful. Reporter Suzanne Sataline talks with Fortuna resident Kirk Cesaretti, who, as we reported in June, has been protesting pressure to tithe from the Hydesville Community Church.


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