Duh. More water good for fish.



The research arm of the National Academy of Science (the National Research Council) has reversed its previous findings on Klamath River flows. According to a recent press release from OregonWild, a Portland-based environmental organization, the NRC has determined that increased flows in the Klamath River are likely to benefit salmon. OregonWild, once part of the settlement talks to determine the fate of four PacifiCorp dams on the Klamath River, claims it was kicked out of those talks, which it describes as "Bush-administration sponsored," because it wouldn't toe the party line.

The recent NRC report is a turning point, says Steve Pedery, Conservation Director for OregonWild. "This report is a major victory for salmon, commercial fishermen, Native Americans, and everyone else who cares about the health of the Klamath River," he said. "For years the Bush administration and agribusiness have claimed Klamath salmon don’t need more water, and now the National Academy of Science has slammed the door on their arguments."

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