The Glory That Is Willits




This week in my column I wrote a little bit about Willits , my hometown, and how it's become awesome all of a sudden:
Willits is the new Garberville. Only bigger and even cooler. Ten years ago the tweakers owned the town. Now they seem to have been banished. Someone flipped some sort of switch while I wasn’t looking, transforming my bombed-out hometown into a bustling, vibrant place, with pubs, restaurants, cafes, bookstores, cool little shops, a boss skate park. My old high school pals took over the downtown Willits Mall — always better known as "the Morgue" — and sank what looks to be a million dollars into it, transforming it into a big old-fashioned mercantile store.

As per a request over in Heraldoville , here's a thread about Willits. Let's hope it's as lively as Willits' downtown. I have an answer for that anonymous poster: The Phoenix Bakery is still there, and they're still barbecueing. It's a weird, eccentric little place of the type that used to be common when I was a kid, and which is now common again in Ye Olde Illwits.

Share your theories about the Willits resurgence, or share a Willits memory. Have a Willits question? I will tap my network of Willite experts to get it answered.

Herein, all things Willits.

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