Press Issues and Global Warming




Copies of the new NCJ are usually hitting Arcata and Eureka right about now. Not this week. It looks like there were some problems at the printers last night, and the Journal won't be going out until this afternoon or tomorrow. We haven't seen any copies yet.

Here's a tease, though. This week, the Journal is participating in a nationwide effort to look back at what has happened in the 10 years that have followed the Kyoto Protocol, the first international treaty designed to tackle climate change. The "Kyoto at 10" project was sponsored by the Association of Alternative Newsweeklies , a trade association to which we belong, and led by the awesome folks at the News & Review papers.

Fifty papers from across the United States and Canada contributed to "Kyoto at 10." We could print only a small selection of the work. We ran an essay by Bill McKibben , a story about California's climate change initiatives, a first-person look at the Kyoto convention and a piece by our own Heidi Walters about the van Eck Forest, a patch of redwoods up in Fieldbrook that is serving as a test case for a new front in battling greenhouse gas emissions. I wrote about it in my column, too.

Here's the AAN press release on "Kyoto at 10." Here's links to almost all the stories by the papers participating in the project. That page will be updated as more papers file their work.

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