Trouble at the Vista


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The local all-ages music scene just can't catch a break, or if they do, it's the wrong kind. Earlier this year you had The Placebo shut down amid permitting hassles at the West 3rd St. warehouse. Then Out of the Sun in Fortuna suffered a similar fate. The reopening of The Vista as an all-ages venue was a breath of fresh (sea) air, but I guess it wasn't mean to be, as evidenced by this missive from the club's booking agent, Jon Fussell:
Due to a series of horrible events that transpired last Saturday (i.e. someone throwing a bottle through the window, breaking and/or carving the restaurant tables, tagging the bathrooms, kids getting caught drinking outside by the police and someone stealing my microphones and stands and yet again breaking my P.A., etc.), The Vista will no longer be all-ages. I tried my best, but the management is not budging on this and to be honest I can't really blame them. - Jon Fussell

As noted in last week's Hum , there were three shows at the Vista over the weekend. It looks like the trouble did not come from the anarcho-punk crowd on Thursday night but from the headbangers who came Saturday.



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