Aiy-yu-kwee Mobile Home Park Update




Residents of the 18 units of the Aiy-yu-kwee Mobile Home Park on the territory of the Blue Lake Rancheria received letters yesterday from the rancheria announcing that there may be potential buyers for their trailers.

Home owner Susie Holderman talked to Blue Lake Rancheria Tribal Administrator Arla Ramsey this morning and, though interactions with the tribe have been tense in recent weeks, Holderman described her conversation with Ramsey as a "nice peaceful talk."

Susie Holderman and her husband Corey are hoping to get market-value for their double wide trailer (about $120,000), but that's a best-case scenario. She told Ramsey this morning that they would be willing to sell for $80,000.

Still, Holderman said she worries that potential buyers may just be trying to take advantage of a bad situation by making lowball offers.

Corey Holderman, who was the first trailer park resident to speak out publicly against the evictions at a Blue Lake City Council meeting last December, is optimistic about this latest development.

"I believe that they’re actually trying to do something to help us out," he said when reached by telephone earlier today. "They’re seeing our point about what our problem is. For now we’ll take it as a step in the right direction."

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