Celebrity Chaos




We'll have more on last night in next week's paper. How would you describe it in one word? Inspirational? Insanity? The word we want to use starts with "cluster..." and rhymes with "duck." But this is a family blog.

For now, we'll just note that Darsh's write-up over at the M-Town blog rang pretty true. Humboldt County Democratic Central Committee member Richard Marks says " Don't Blame the HCDCC "! Bob Flame, Ranger, had a good time , as did HCDCCers Carol & Greg . Kym K and family did the smart thing and listened in on the radio.

Hasta la vista, Bill.

UPDATE, THURSDAY 1:40 p.m. :  Ruh-roh, Shaggy. KHUM's Michael Moore is pissed .


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