Your 9-5 No Longer 215 Compatible


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In a 5-2 decision Thursday, the California Supreme Court ruled that the 1996 initiative, Proposition 215, which exempts medical marijuana patients and their caregivers from state prosecution, does not limit an employer's authority to fire workers for violating federal drug laws. ( SF Chronicle article here ).

"We have no reason to conclude the voters intended to speak so broadly, and in a context so far removed from the criminal law, as to require employers to accommodate marijuana use," Justice Kathryn Mickle Werdegar said in the majority opinion.

Dissenting Justice Joyce Kennard said the voters never intended to subject medical marijuana users to the "cruel choice" of forgoing their medication or losing their jobs. A state lawmaker spoke in similar terms later in the day in announcing legislation that would overturn the ruling.
In other news, SFist writes that LA will be home, starting next week, to two marijuana vending machines.

Yes, Mary Jane is now available via vending machine, but just how many hoops will you have to jump through to get at her? First, you must have a medical marijuana prescription. Next, you will need to be fingerprinted before purchasing a pre-paid credit card with your dosage imprinted upon it. Once you have the credit card in hand, you can enter the "standalone room" that is "protected by round-the-clock security guards." Then you can run home in glee at having paid for weed. from. a. vending. machine.




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