Reggae Hearing Continues -- Today



The headline on the page 2 story in this morning's Times-Standard reads, " Mateel hearing to continue later this month." It would appear that the story was written last week, but held until today, which makes the past/future tense parts a tad confusing.

T-S staffer Jessie Faulkner writes,

Retired Judge James Warren of San Francisco, acting as a referee, began hearing the case Monday in the Red Lion Hotel. The plan was to conclude the hearing by Wednesday.

However, Mateel attorney Bill Bragg said Friday, just as the hearing was breaking for lunch, that no resolution is expected by that time and a room for the hearing has been reserved for Feb. 20-22. "
Maybe it's just me, or the confusing headline, but it seemed unclear when the hearing resumes. It's on again today, Monday, Feb. 4. 9:30 a.m. As best as I can tell from the garbled, partisan accounts in the comments on a SoHum Parlance post , former Mateel executive director Taunya Stapp will be on the stand this morning.

The photo above, taken last week, shows retired Judge James Warren taking a midday coffee break. In the background you can see the reams of documents assembled for the hearing.


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