Get out your calculators, y'all -- it's raining money !

Congress just signed on to the daft plan to cut a big fat check to everyone in the nation with earned income (sorry, Tad -- :( .) Looks like we'll all be getting ours in May. We're talking $600 per person, and $300 for each tyke. Cold hard cash. Plus extra if you're super-poor.

Fake Steve Jobs thinks this is good news for Apple Inc., and another particular class of retailers. Spot-on analysis. FSJ is back on his game.

Me, I just think that Bush wants to go out like he came in -- with a sweet payoff to the proles. Back then the rationale was that the economy was riding high. Now it's that the economy has tanked. Do you really care? Just be thankful that they're happy to pay their bribes in the open nowadays, and that you, tax-paying citizen, are on the list of palms to grease.

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