Woolley Bows Out




Third District Supervisor John Woolley will not seek a fifth fourth term in office, according to a press released issued today.

During the remainder of my term, I will continue to focus my efforts on the important issues facing our County. These include stabilizing services to meet the needs of the people of Humboldt County in the face of the State budget deficit, assisting in the creation of a countywide climate change program, establishing more bike and pedestrian friendly facilities and continuing the planning process leading to the completion of our County General Plan.

The surprise announcement throws open the Third District seat -- up for election on June 3 -- to a flood of potential newcomers. Former Arcata Mayor Bob Ornelas had previously announced his intention to challenge Woolley, but said that he would step aside if Humboldt Bay District Commissioner Mike Wilson chose to seek the seat. On Monday, Wilson said that he "very seriously considering" entering the race in light of Woolley's announcement.

Download the press release (.doc)

UPDATE: A member of the Blogthing 's MVP Reader Team notes that the domain name "wilsonforsupervisor.com" was registered yesterday. What does the registration record look like?

Created on: 10-Feb-08
Expires on: 10-Feb-09
Last Updated on: 10-Feb-08

Administrative Contact:
Antrim, Aaron
1445 Chester Avenue
Arcata, California 95521
United States

Notice that it redirects to mikeforsupervisor.org . Just so there's no confusion over which Wilson we're talking about.


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