Be It Hereby Proclaimed: Rep. Mike is down with the weed



This just in:

Proclamation "To be presented @ 11 AM today at Mike's office on 3rd and D street in Eurkea (sic)."

Congressperson Mike Thompson's
Awareness and Support of Medical Cannabis.

Whereas Americans for Safe Access is the nation’s largest organization of patients, medical professionals, scientists and concerned citizens promoting safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research.

Whereas the week of February fifteenth has been designated by Americans for Safe Access, "Medical Marijuana Awareness Week."

Whereas Congressperson Mike Thompson has repeatedly shown his support and awareness of patient’s right to Safe Access to medical cannabis.

Whereas Congressperson Thompson Co-Sponsored and voted for the States Right to Medical Marijuana Act. (The Barney Frank Bill.)

Whereas Congressperson Thompson supported and voted for the Hinchey Medical Marijuana Amendment to prevent the DOJ and DEA from federally prosecuting state-authorized medical cannabis patients and their care-givers.

Whereas Congressperson Thompson supported and voted for H.R. 4754 House Amendment 652 prohibiting the use of funds to prevent the States of Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Oregon, Vermont or Washington from implementing state laws authorizing the use of medical marijuana.

Whereas Congressperson Thompson has most recently pressed forward efforts for marijuana legalization by writing a letter to the Governor of California; his fellow Members of Congress and the President of these United States.

In support of Congressperson Thompson ongoing awareness and work for medical cannabis patients rights the Humboldt County Chapter of Americans for Safe Access does hereby proclaim that Congressperson Mike Thompson is an advocate for and a good friend of medical cannabis patients everywhere.

So proclaimed the week of 2-15 2008 by the members
of the Humboldt Chapter of Americans for Safe Access.
A few notes re: the bills Thompson supported: the Barney Frank bill and the Hinchey amendment both died the usual death of pro-pot legislation. H.R. 4754 House Amendment 652 does not seem to have anything to do with medical cannabis; it was supposed to protect library circulation records, library patron lists, library Internet records, book sales records and book customer lists from the prying eyes of the Patriot Act. It failed to win a majority after a hard-fought battle. (The vote was a tie. Rep. Mike was for it.)


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