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No surprise -- First District Supervisor Jimmy Smith announced today that he'll be running for reelection this year.

When first elected to serve, I made a commitment to get things done and treat people with respect. We have worked cooperatively with tribes, cities, the county, local organizations and state and federal agencies to achieve success. Our efforts can be measured by the ongoing progress with the Salt River Restoration Project, increased flows in the Eel River, restoration of the South Spit and the first workers compensation coverage project for local fire districts.

The months ahead will be difficult and will require strong partnerships with the cities and communities. especially with the projected state budget deficit and the inevitable cuts to county programs and services. We will need to plan carefully and work to sustain our local economy.

Smith is massively popular down in the First District, but politics are thick this year -- will anyone step up to challenge him? My offhand guess is that if anyone does, it will be someone from the HELP/development crew. The General Plan is the biggest issue facing the county in the coming months, and last I check the First District was the only Republican-majority district in the county.

Smith, a Democrat, has been a moderate in land-use issues (as he is in most things). Is that good enough for the HELPsters?

Read the entire Smith campaign press release (.doc).


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