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In other words, what's on at the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors and the Eureka City Council next week. We're going to try to make this a regular Friday afternoon feature on the Blogthing. As a way to make those hellishly painful final hours of the work-week even more painful, we will delve deep into the published agendas of those municipal bodies.

We're looking at a pretty light load over at the county, with only three real items on the calendar. First up: A proposed set of state-mandated regulations that would mandate certain minimum labor codes for county contractors doing work under a $25 million state grant the county received last year. Next, what's sure to be the main show -- a presentation on the Klamath Settlement Agreement, with the board slated to take action to sign on. Finally, some emergency action on the Martins Ferry bridge crisis.

Wait a sec, though -- cast your eye over at #17 on the consent calendar. Is that what you think it is? Yes, indeedy. The county is putting into the record its opposition to the Big Lagoon Racheria's request to place a piece of 6.4-acre piece of land fronting Highway 101 in "tribal trust." The county's proposed letter to the Bureau of Indian Affairs notes that if the parcel becomes part of the rancheria's tribal land, it will likely have very little control over what is built there.

And if we were to guess, we'd guess that Big Lagoon Rancheria Chairman Virgil Moorehead is thinking just what the Supes think he's thinking: That the spot would be a good place for the casino he and his tribe have long been denied. What do you think? Take a look -- the parcel in question is a rectangle just to the southwest of the little green arrow, with the long side fronting 101 and the short side halfway up Big Lagoon Park Road.

So that's something. As far as the county goes, though, it looks like the big stuff is slated for coming meetings. On Feb. 26, there'll be an update on the big Danco/Devries Samoa project, which has been sidelined for some time. (The Eureka Reporter did a pretty good write-up a couple of weeks ago.) Then, on March 11, a discussion on inclusionary zoning that's sure to bring the HELPsters and/or associated developers screaming into the chambers.

What's Eureka got? At the moment it's got a broken web site. But at its meeting Tuesday night it'll hear two potentially explosive items: an amendment to the city's utility users tax ordinance and the ever-controversial proposal for mandatory garbage collection.

Board of Supes: Tuesday, 9 a.m., at the County Courthouse (825 Fifth St., Eureka). Eureka City Council: Tuesday, 6:30 p.m., Eureka City Hall (531 K St., Eureka).

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