Enter Vevoda



Looks like there's going to be a real election in each of the three supervisorial districts up for grabs this time around. In the Arcata-centered Third District, you've got the four-way progressive mishmash coalescing around Paul Pitino, Mike Wilson, Mark Lovelace and Elizabeth Conner. Down in the Fortuna/SoHum Second District, it's incumbent Roger Rodoni v. Fortuna apple man Clif Clendenen and former KMUD news director Estelle Fennell.

And now comes word that Ferndale dairyman John Vevoda has filed papers to challenge incumbent Jimmy Smith in the First District. Vevoda, who could not be immediately reached for comment, is a 55-year-old Republican who has been active with the Farm Bureau. He's also been very involved with the drive to unclog the Salt River, which has at times backed up onto his fields.


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