Life, live!




Cafeteria roenbergensis photo by Tamara Clark, CreativeCommons

Have you been to the Encyclopedia of Life site yet? Yes, of course you have -- you and hordes of others, causing the new "ecosystem of websites," as they're calling it, to crash. But it seems to be back up, so in case you haven't been there, check it out.

Eventually, say its creators, anything you want to know about any life form on Earth will be there, pretty pictures and taxonomic standing and all. For now, however, they're still building the databases -- and they want you to contribute. Or, you with the science cred, anyway.

Sorry, someone's already lovingly placed the entry for Cafeteria roenbergensis . Mmm. But the Sequoia sempervirens entry is blank! And there is no Bigfoot entry (except for a salamander and a clover). Sheesh. Go, fill in the pages of life!


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