Is Rob Arkley a Billionaire?



While he is commonly referred to a either a billionaire or a kazillionaire in the local press and blogosphere, Security National CEO Rob Arkley Jr. does not show up on Forbes Magazine 's recently issued list of the world's billionaires .

Forbes online allows you to array the list in various ways. A look at the alphabetical list shows Spanish rancher/steel mogul Jose Maria Aristrain followed by Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani . Where's Rob?

Is may be that Security National's business structure is such that Forbes could not discern his degree of wealth. (The Forbes folks do not claim the list is complete.) Or maybe he just does not have as much money as we think he has.

On another note, the new list shows that Microsoft's Bill Gates has fallen from richest man in the world position after 13 years. His replacement at No. 1? None other than Warren Buffett , owner of (among many other things) PacifiCorp , the company that owns those damned dams on the Klamath . (See post below.)


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