Lehman out, Wilson out.

Mike Wilson: "I believe that there's a lot of work to do, and I don't need to be supervisor to get a lot of things done that we need to get done in Humboldt County. I believe we have a great candidate in Mark Lovelace, who's been a great community organizer and model citizen, and I fully support Mark Lovelace in his run for supervisor."

Chris Lehman: "I think we just decided that it was better to pay attention to my family -- to pay attention to my 17-month-old daughter." No endorsement. "After considering it so closely, I feel like the community's got a lot at stake here and we need to make a good decision. This job is serious as a heart attack."

For the Third District: Paul Pitino, Bryan Plumley and Mark Lovelace.

Apparently it was quite a scene down at the Elections Office this afternoon, as candidates tried to figure out who was in and who was out at any moment, calculating and recalculating their chances.


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