Klam Dam-Blam Angers Bucket Man


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Meanwhile, in the dry uplands to our east, another supervisorial race has grumbled into low gear with one Leo Bergeron, a long-time Siskiyou County rancher, insurance salesman and genuine Bucket Brigadier, tossing his cap into the ring for the Siskiyou County Board of Supervisors' First District seat. It was the latest Klamath River restoration agreement love-fest (hate-fest?) that made him do it.

From the March 12 Siskiyou Daily News:

"The main issue right now is this Klamath Basin restoration agreement," Bergeron said. "This should have been blown out of the water two and half years ago. When the Board of Supervisors started to participate in these meetings and it became apparent the sole purpose was to remove the dams, the county should have done something. The dams have nothing to do with the restoration agreement. The county should have stepped out of the agreement."

Bergeron, as one-time master of the State Grange, was a player in the Klamath Bucket Brigade of 2001 and, according to himself, instrumental in bending Gale Norton's ear, which in turn led to a study which led to the water for farmers -- turned off to protect fish -- getting turned back on. And the rest is fishtory.

Oh, but wait, there's more: The farmers, who sued the feds over the decision to take water from them to protect endangered fish, are still hashing their case out: Earlier this week, the U.S. Court of Appeals kicked it over to the Oregon Supreme Court for a looksee. Here's a rundown.


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