Should Thompson Change His Superdelegate Vote?



The Napa Valley Register is asking its readers to chime in on whether Rep. Mike Thompson, D-St. Helena, should endorse Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama with his superdelegate vote (right now, he's pledged it to Clinton). However, the February primaries indicate that the First District favors Obama over Clinton. (For an idea of the how things went down locally check out our recent post, "Geographic Analysis of Humboldt County's Hillary Smackdown.")

Here's what blogger XMAN had to say:

" Superdelegates will sometimes over-ride the popular tides if they think the opposing candidate is more electable. If Candidate Clinton is to be the nominee, it may strictly be by virtue of the superdelegates input. The choice of the Democratic candidate will probably go to the wire this time around. Right now Candidate Obama is countering some bumps in the road. It isn't over till it's over. "


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