Bigfoot's Boring



You remember Tom Biscardi, the guy who scrapped, most unfortunately, with Coast to Coast AM's George Noory in the fall of 2005 after claiming he had a Bigfoot in captivity in Stagecoach, Nev.? (You can read the synopsis of all that fun nonsense here .)

Well, the man's temporarily gone off Bigfoot -- such a disappointment -- to pursue the "Lizard Man" in Lee County, South Carolina. This is a creature much creepier than our furry man-beast. It's green. Has three-toed, clawed appendages. Seven feet tall. Likes grill-meat -- the tasty metal grill of a van, that is. And it kills coyotes and cows and scares off cats.

Then again, maybe Biscardi's thinking precisely of Bigfoot at this moment. That is, if there's anything to the whole aliens-and-wormholes theory, which a Las Vegas reporter wrote about in a two-part series some years back. Where there's Lizard Man, perhaps there be Bigfoot.

You can read about Bigfoot and Co. sliding down the wormhole here (part 1 is the set-up) and here (part two gets to the good stuff).

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