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You know you've been waiting for this update: Remember at the end of March when we reported that Bigfoot researcher Tom Biscardi had gone to South Carolina to investigate strange happenings in the land of the Lizard Man?

Yes, well, he's telling folks there that his hi-sci monitoring leads him to believe that they've "got the real deal." That is, the stronger-than-coyote-jaws THING that is chomping on very sturdy entities, like cars, and cows, is very likely one of the 3,500 Bigfoot-like creatures lurking about in the country, according to the former Las Vegas show promoter.

Biscardi allows that he doesn't know much about the Lizard Man -- Lee County's own mythical green-pigmented fright-beast -- or if this current car-chewer is the same creature. Whatever: The chamber of commerce is enjoying brisk sales these days of "Lizard Man is back" T-shirts.

It's all about promotions, people. Or is it...?

Read more tidbits as faithfully told in the April 13 edition of the The State newspaper.


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