Aiy-yu-kwee Mobile Home Park Update



In January the Journal wrote about the residents of the Aiy-yu-kwee Mobile Home Park in Blue Lake who were being evicted from their homes. One of those residents, Hellen Studdert, has written an update about the situation.

Well, it looks like it's too late to save our homes, but thanks to the community for their donations. They have helped some of us who need it to move. I received help to put my things in storage and for gas to move. I had a meeting with Arla and she told me, if I could be out of my trailer before April 30, have my storage shed gone by May 15th, and my trailer put into someone else's name, she would give me $5000. She would give me some pallets to put in my yard to put things on so I could have the yard sale the first weekend of May. So I gave my 36-year old trailer to some folks from Weichipec and moved my things into storage. By the way, my trailer, Space #17, was appraised for $19,500. Now I'm living with my daughter. Yes, I did get $5000, and my shed will be gone before May 15th.

Yes, Mandi [Lewis, author of April 26th "My Word" column in the Times-Standard ], we did retain an attorney to find out what we could do and what our rights could be, and to at least get what our homes would be worth. California trailer park laws say we should have gotten a year's notice the park was closing and that we would have gotten money for our homes and relocations funds. That didn't happen.

The fund-raiser June 7th is to help us relocate--Bob and I to Willow Creek when school is out. We still have a granddaughter that lives with us.

#14, the first trailer that was to leave the park, was Mitchell's. They were out one day, and the next day the Rancheria moved Earl into it, because his trailer was being moved out. I really don't think Earl still understands what is happening. He will get one of the four new trailers that are being put on the Rancheria. I understand they will be one-bedrooms with a year lease. So will three other older men, #18 and #7, but they still have to sell their trailers. I'm not sure who the fourth man is.

#12 trailer left-Barbara and Oscar have moved to Willow Creek, as did Linda.
The #6 people have moved to Humboldt Hill but still haven't sold their trailer. I'm not sure what #10 trailer is going to do-moving into a family home I think. Another lady and her family are moving to Manila. The family that lives in the house hasn't really talked to us so I'm not sure what they have to do. #15 is Joe, and he can't find a place to go and has no money.

#7 trailer, Mike and Bonnie Sue George, still haven't found anyone to buy their trailer and no place to go. Bea and Sid Nix are moving their trailer. I'm not sure where yet. Mr. Mayo will be moving his trailer soon and putting it in storage so he doesn't lose it. It's a nice double wide.

The # 3 people are still looking for a place before school starts and, yes, they would like to stay in Blue Lake where their two children go, and no, no one to buy their trailer as yet, a nice 4 bedroom.

#16, Sid, is trying to get a place to move to, maybe a senior park where he won't have to move again. He has been real sick over all this having to move. He's been here 27 years. Most all of us have been here in the park over 20 years.

Sorry, Mandi, but there are more than four people in this mess. When the Rancheria or Arla Ramsey chose to close this trailer park, none of us had anywhere to go and some still don't. Most of us have no money to move with. Everyone in the park is taking a big loss on our homes. I know I have, and the sad thing is we still don't know why.

By the way, Mandi, do you and your family have to move? And if you do, do you know where?

June 7th, 2008, from Noon to 7 PM, we will have a party at Perigot Park in Blue Lake. A fund raiser, a benefit to help all of us. My personal friends, Glen and Wanda Victors of the Roadmasters have said they will play for us to help. I've know Glen and Wanda since before they were the Roadmasters, so we go way back. I'm just so glad they can help us. And to everyone else that has been willing to help, from all our family and our community and, yes, from Rancheria tribal members as well, thank you.


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