Mall Shame?



Local conservative radio blogger Tom Fredriksen of Old Glory Radio gave the Journal a ring today to inform us of the filth being hocked in the hallways of the Bayshore Mall in Eureka. In particular, he noticed a shirt in front of Spencer's facing out towards passersby that read -- close your eyes if you're squeamish -- "Overworked and Underfucked."

Fredrkisen says that the shirt, which is a size small and which he subsequently purchased as evidence (see his picture of the offending garment here) is designed for a ten year old girl. He believes that it's proof positive of "the sexualization of our children by businesses…..for profit," according to his website.

You can listen to his program on the subject here. And a here's a video of Fredriksen venting on YouTube via Old Glory Radio.

Spencer's, if you didn't already know, isn't a Hallmark store. Other shirts in their inventory include this one (a perfect gift according to the store for someone suffering through her third trimester) as well as this set of goblets for him and her.

On the store's plastic bags there's a warning for the faint-of-heart: "Always Irreverent," it says. A little too much so, I guess, for Fredriksen. Then again, he bought the shirt.

Update: Check out this timely article at about marketing grown-up sexuality to kids.


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