Loaded for bear



We like to kill bears in Humboldt County. The Daily Triplicate tells us that Humboldt ranks fifth among California counties for bear kills (117 were 86'd by hunters last year), while noting that its own county -- Del Norte -- has felt a diminishing appetite for bear over the years (just 29 killed last year, down from an average of 50 a year in the 1990s). The writer suggests steep terrain may have something to do with Del Norte's gun (and arrow) shyness toward bears -- but have the mountains there really been growing, getting more rugged, so fast? And have we not the same jaggedy challenges here in Humboldt?

At any rate, we think Humboldt's penchant for bear has more to do with the nascent locavore trend that's gained such tenacious purchase here. You know, our own home-grown bear meat. Recall the joys .

Then read the Triplicate 's story .

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