The Journeous Journey


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Three months ago, Humboldt County, we set out on a journey. A journeous journey -- one that took us through the lowest valleys and up the highest hills. Today, we have reached the end of the journey. And yet, at the same time, the journey has only begun. The end of one journey; the beginning of another.

Um, WTF? Wait, wrong election ...

Elections night in Humboldt County! Keep it tuned here at the Blogthing all night long. We've got people out in the field, and we'll be chatting it up with y'all throughout the evening as the results roll in. Questions for the candidates, or anyone else? Post 'em in the big, long, continuously updated thread that'll appear above this one, and we'll do our best to get them answered.

Bob Doran will be reporting from Arcata, hitting up the parties for Third District candidates Mark Lovelace (Plaza Grill) and Bryan Plumley (HumBrews) and the non-party for candidate Paul Pitino.

Heidi Walters and Japhet Weeks will be in Fortuna, where all the Second District campaigns will be. Walters will be at the Clif Clendenen party(Eel River Brewery). Weeks will be shuttling between the parties of Estelle Fennell (campaign HQ -- 1326 L St.) and Roger Rodoni (Hot Brew).

Journal intern Meghannraye Sutton will be at Elections Office HQ in Eureka, and I'll be here in the office calling, listening and typing.

At least three of the five of us will end the evening drunk.



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