Reggae War officially over



The news hit the SoHum blogosphere over the weekend.  This press release (and advert for Reggae Rising) from People Productions makes it as official as it gets:

The Dimmick Ranch and People Productions, Tom Dimmick and Carol Bruno, are pleased to announce that they reached a negotiated settlement with the Mateel Community Center on Friday June 13th, ending the long running dispute between the parties.

"I feel a sense of relief that I hope the rest of our community is feeling to finally have this dispute resolved and behind us" said Tom Dimmick. "All of us here at the Dimmick Ranch are really looking forward to making Reggae Rising 2008 the best festival yet!"

"It's been a long hard road for everyone" added Carol Bruno, "and we’re looking forward to continuing to serve our community."

At this point, the terms of the settlement are not yet public but we expect to have an announcement soon.

We hope you will join us at this years’ Reggae Rising Music Festival to celebrate the joy of music and community.

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