... And All I Got Was This Awesome T-Shirt!



For the record: No, there weren't 50 black SUVs parked at the Red Lion yesterday morning. No, there weren't nine DEA helicopters armed with infrared detectors at Eureka-Arcata airport. No, DEA agents did not storm the pot doc's place off Giuntoli to pull paperwork.

Thanks for the phonecalls, though!

The week that Humboldt County's paranoia meter went from red to ultra-infra-red is now over, alas. It was a lot of fun while it lasted. And to remember the good times, why not purchase this commemorative shirt ? It pays tribute to the Humboldt Herald blog , which kept us up to date with all the advance info -- precisely how many DEA agents were coming, where they were staying, how many grow houses they would be targeting, how the agency pinpointed those homes. Also: The fact that " Up to 60 FBI agents may have recently rented houses in Eureka ." Hey, they may have ! Or maybe not!

This is the must-have shirt of June 2008. Detail below. Click through to purchase.

UPDATED: See here .


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