FBI Spokesman on KSLG



... a FBI spokesperson on the ground in Fortuna just spoke with John Matthews on KSLG.

He said:

  • This is the culmination of a two-year investigation.

  • This is a bust of "large-scale commercial grows." NOT medical marijuana.

  • Agents from a variety of federal and state organizations -- including the IRS and the Postal Service --will be serving 27 warrants.

  • He referred to it, perhaps tellingly, as a "commercial grow" -- singular. This despite the fact that they are traveling to multiple locations throughout the county.

  • The investigation was initiated by a state agency -- the California Dept. of Justice. The feds were brought in, he said, because of the financial intricacies of the investigation.

  • Why today? Matthews asked. "Gotta pick a day," the spokesman said.

UPDATE, 8:36 a.m.: Here's the audio of John Matthews' interview with Joseph Schadler of the FBI, courtesy KSLG:

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