Humboldt: Street View'd!



We've been waiting for a year ; now it's finally here ! From Rio Dell to Patrick's Point, Humboldt County has been added to Google Street View!

Now's when the fun starts. We're going to give some kind of prize -- TBA, but awesome -- to the Street View sightseer who finds the best Humboldt County Street View sight and posts it here.

Get searching!

UPDATE: Helpful hint -- to acquire the link to the specific Street View you have found, use the "Link" button, as seen in the top-right corner of the screenshot on this page. Copy the link (control-C or command-C). Then paste it in your comment inside a HTML link tag, like thus:

<a href="[STUFF YOU COPIED]"> Here's a rad cool Street View! Prominent Ferndalian caught leaving downtown motel with female 'friend'! </a>

Your rad cool Street View will be thus linked.

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