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The P-D lands the first post-"bullshit" interview with the senator. I'm bumping it up here into a new post because it's a frightening, must-read piece.

It's absolutely clear that Wiggins is not well, and is in desperate need of the medical attention that her friends and associates insist she is not receiving. Instead, they're propping the woman up and saying everything is just cool. It's more than a little grotesque.

Cindy Thomas, a Petaluma nurse and Wiggins supporter, said Wednesday at the Capitol that she took the senator's remarks to the pastor as a sign of strength.

"It's a perfect example of how she goes to bat for people. She's a no-holds-barred person," said Thomas, who was in Sacramento on Wednesday with United Health Workers of America to lobby legislators.

"She doesn't bull---- us," Thomas said. "She talks in terms everyday people can understand, and not in Sacramento-ese."

Again -- if someone taking this line could please identify the "bullshit arguments" in Pastor Jones' address, I'd be much obliged.

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