Somebody wondered in a most-miffed fashion the other day, in a response to a previous post, "what important community issue was shelved to make room for this stupid, worthless blog entry."

Well, if you have to ask...I did have a breaking news story about white stallions I probably shoulda put in there instead, but, well, but....

But nevermind, because this time I've got some real Big News. THEY'VE FOUND BIGFOOT! Dead, however, with DNA verification and whatnot pending and some live Bigfeet right now looking nervously over their shoulders because the intrepid hunters say they're gonna catch them, too -- alive (the stories don't say the hunters actually killed the dead 'foot, though).

OK, so you already heard the news. There's an oddly unimpressed feeling attached to this latest bigfoot announcement. And today's New York Times story about the find in deep-woods Georgia does note that one of the photographs the hunters gave media "showed what resembled a gorilla — or maybe an old sheepskin rug — lying twisted in a freezer, with a dollop of intestines protruding from its belly."

Gruesome, nonetheless. Also -- and nobody's reported this one yet so it's a real big scoop -- the hunters told a friend of theirs that as they approached the Bigfoot carcass, they saw a white horse -- or maybe it was a ghost of one -- galloping off into the woods, whinnying warning to the other Bigfeet.

Let's see, it took about a minute, maybe two or three to write this post. Appalling.

Update: Latest news even freakier still. Apparently, the creature isn't Bigfoot, but (one could infer, if one wanted to) a strange human-possum cross-species accident of nature -- or perhaps a secret govt experiment gone wrong??


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