Rogue Nuke Truck Closes 36



That massive truck wipeout that has closed Highway 36 by Dinsmore since about noon? Get this -- it's 110 feet long, just about twice as long as the legal limit for Humboldt County -- and it's intended for carrying nuclear material. Although everyone assures us that its contents were innocent at the time of the crash.

"It's the biggest truck I've ever seen," said Officer Paul Dahlen of the California Highway Patrol about the super-truck just a few minutes ago. "It shouldn't have even been here. It shouldn't have been on 36, on 299, on 101 -- it shouldn't have been up here."

The truck is 110 feet long. The longest truck you can legally drive into Humboldt County is 65 feet long (unless you have a cattle exemption, I believe).

Presumably the fellow was contracting with PG&E, which in the process of slowly dismantling the Humboldt Bay Nuclear Power Plant. But why Big Man took Hwy 36, of all routes, is still a mystery. To hide?

In any case, according to Dahlen you can put away your Geiger counter. "There's nothing HAZMAT about this," he said.

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