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This Sunday, a group of cyclists will be riding in memory of Greg Jennings, who was killed by a car Monday, Aug. 26, while he was commuting home to Blue Lake from work on his bike. Tim Daniels, president of the Bigfoot Bicycle Club, put out a notice, copied below, of the ride on his club's website -- and please note the special caveat that this ride is not intended as a "free for all 'Critical Mass' type ride, as he puts it. "If you are in the mood for anarchy I respectfully ask you do not join this group," says Daniels.

Greetings Fellow Cyclists,

As you all know, fellow cyclist Greg Jennings, was struck and killed
by an irresponsible motorist last week. There is a memorial ride
planned for Sunday, September 7th at 12:00 noon. We will be meeting
in the lot where Renner Petroleum's cardlock fuel station (a little
ironic huh?) is located on West End Road in Arcata. In case you're
not familiar with the location, it is near where Guintoli Lane,
crosses over 299 at the intersection of Alder Grove Road and West End
. I would like to encourage you all to ride your bike from home
to the meeting place, but if this would preclude you from joining us
and you need to drive, there is plenty of room to park on Ericson
Way. I don't recommend parking in the Renner lot.

The ride will be slow paced so everybody can easliy stay with us. We
will be riding single file and obeying all traffic laws. Safety is
paramount. I recommend you wear a helmet and bright colors. There
will be a briefing at noon before the ride. Please don't miss it.

We will ride to Blue Lake on 299, through the roundabout and will
regroup at the 76 service station on Blue Lake Blvd. We will return
the via 299 as well. The route will be about fourteen miles with a
couple mild rises along the way. Please be self sufficient, though if
you do get a flat, there will certainly be somebody to help you repair
it if need be.

This will not be a free for all "Critical Mass" type ride. If you are
in the mood for anarchy I respectfully ask you do not join this group.

Thank you very much.


Tim Daniels
President, Bigfoot Bicycle Club
Humboldt County, CA

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