Could You Be More Specific?



Once in a while a rabid Journal-hater's interior walls will burst, and pent-up passions come burbling out in a frothing, acrid foam. What can sometimes be disappointing, in such a case, is lack of detail.

What we need from you is specifics. What, in particular, set you off? What was the proverbial back-breaking straw? Having this information in hand while we're sitting around the break room helps us keep the laughs going, and will let us know exactly what we're doing right. Take this letter as a model of the form.

Today's entry scores high with its hyperbolic outrage and its vivid scatology -- a Chihuahua? -- but sadly falls short on the grounds outlined above.

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Thanks, caller! You brightened a gray day. A word of caution, though: When gathering free newspapers in California, be sure to stay on this side of the law. This week marks the second anniversary of AB 2612, which criminalized the theft of free papers for various purposes -- including, presumably, yours.

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