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Who heard the debut of KHSU's new Tuesday night politico-economic chat show -- Mann Up! With Paul Mann , as it isn't called? Thoughts?

Me, I was only able to catch bits and pieces, but I liked it well enough. The subject was the global economic shitstorm, which Mann tried valiantly to localize. The guest list was maybe more interesting -- HSU profs Erik Eschker and Thomas Bruner , both friends of the Journal , and Eureka Mayoral Hubby Matthew Owen, a mortgage man with Wells Fargo.

Smart folks all, and Mann seemed to do pretty well at getting them to say smart things. But it has to be said that if things keep going this way, Mann Up! is pretty clearly intended to serve as the university's cheesy manner of "balancing" the corresponding left-leaning show, Thursday Night Talk . Mann's day job as HSU spokesperson doesn't much help with that impression. (See "Station Identification," July 31 , for background on the station's odd politics and recent turmoil.)

Want good radio? Send half of TNT host David Cobb's guests to Mann's show, and vice versa. Forget about separate-but-equal echo chambers on evenings that begin with "T". Encourage debate .

Incidentally, I see that this is just about the one-year anniversary of the Eureka Reporter 's bonfire-and-pitchfork attack on Erik Eschker for daring to suggest, in Oct. 2007, that there may be a problem in the Humboldt County housing market. Go back and relive the memories! The screed contains multiple instances of the classique "it's only a theory! " argument, last refuge of American ignoramuses everywhere.

Paul Mann photo ganked from Green Wheels .

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