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Starkewolf: Naughty

Just in from the Sac Bee's Capitol Alert!

Breathy GOP robo-call says Thompson's been a 'bad boy'

Voters across California's first congressional district picked up the phone this weekend to hear a breathy woman intone that "Mike Thompson's been a bad boy."

With a seductive voice more suited to an escort service than political outreach, the woman suggestively urges listeners to "vote 'yesssss' for Zane," the Republican challenger to Thompson, a Democratic congressman...
Zane, of course, being Zane Starkewolf, Thompson's DOA Republican challenger . Or is that "Green-Republican"? Anyway, it's nice to see him put in an effort!

Read the whole thing at the Capitol Report . Includes smoking hot audio! "Vote -- uunnggh! Yes! -- For Zane!"

You gotta register, but just go ahead and do that. Well worth it!

UPDATE: What, you want substance? The robocall "spanks" Thompson over his votes on the bailout bill and the Patriot Act.

UPDATE 2: Young Master Starkewolf explains himself at his own Web site. And posts audio!

UPDATE 3, Wednesday, Oct 29. :

Alright already. The story makes it to The Stump and Sacto TV news...

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