Periodical lemming



From the mouthpiece of liberal elitism (or is it elitist liberalism?), The New York Times, comes this story about the imminent demise of The Christian Science Monitor's daily print edition.

The cost-cutting measure makes The Monitor the first national newspaper to largely give up on print.

And so it begins.

The nonprofit, church-financed fish-wrap won seven Pulitzers over the years and reached a circulation peak of 220,000 back in 1970. It's now down to 52,000, which is closer to zero than it is to glory days of yore. Editor John Yemma does his best to put a happy face on the news:

We have the luxury — the opportunity — of making a leap that most newspapers will have to make in the next five years.

Right. And most newspaper employees will have the opportunity -- nay, the luxury -- of finding a new line of work.

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