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Midnight Moon

Midnight Moon

The current issue of the New Yorker is all about food. In connection with it, today's online New Yorker includes a short food related piece by occasional Journal food columnist Jada Brotman . As you might recall, Jada is a cheesemonger in an upscale Brooklyn establishment called Provisions . Apparently her literate cheese descriptions caught the eye of someone connected with the magazine. The piece has her comparing various cheeses to figures in literature.

Among the cheeses, Cypress Grove's fabulous Midnight Moon :

Fuchsia , Gormenghast , by Mervyn Peake
Midnight Moon is my favorite hard goat cheese: sweet, salty, creamy, and vivid. Yet its black rind and the milky pallor of its interior hint at an ominous and slightly gothic character. Like the ill-fated, capricious, and beautiful Fuchsia from Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast, it is profoundly complicated—lovable and doomed.

Jada at work (photo by her Ma)

Jada at work (photo by her Pa)


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