Mike T for Interior?



Holy moly...

NorCal lawmaker pushed for Interior job
By ERICA WERNER Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON-A Northern California congressman who hunts, fishes and grows wine grapes is being promoted for Interior secretary by two prominent fellow lawmakers.

California Democratic Reps. George Miller and Anna Eshoo sent a letter to the incoming administration in the past week urging consideration for Rep. Mike Thompson, D-St.Helena, said Miller's chief of staff, Danny Weiss.

"They believe that he would make an excellent secretary, has a broad base of support and knows the issues very well, both from the environmental side and the natural resources side, and they encouraged the transition team to consider him strongly," he said.


Makes a certain amount of sense, especially from the Klamath point of view. Obama and Thompson aren't unfamiliar, either -- they coauthored Iraq legislation, among other things. Of course, Mike came out strong for Hillary early on. But that doesn't seem to have hurt Hillary.

Downside? I'm pretty sure he has no executive experience whatsoever, and the O needs some practiced bureaucratic sword-wielders.


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