From the Emerald Triangle to the Emerald Green Valley...



...with pot.

Perhaps this papa-sonny pair from Petrolia and McKinleyville, respectively, were lured to the southern Minnesota city by its official motto, "Make It Mankato!" And they did make it there, arriving last week with, allegedly, five suitcases of pot -- 28 pounds, street value $100,000 -- says the Mankato Free Press. But, they didn't make it.

They got snagged by the Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force.

Why Mankato? Well:

Mankato Department of Public Safety officer John Judd, also a member of the task force, said California dealers are looking outside their state because of the medical marijuana law. The law allows people there to grow marijuana for personal medical use. The law, Judd said, has produced an abundance of marijuana in California, depressing the market for illegal sales.

"They came to Minnesota because they were having so much trouble selling it there," he said.

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