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The paper's Web site -- www.northcoastjournal.com -- has been down almost all day, and now it looks like it's gonna roll right on into tomorrow.

The people at Morse Media say that this is due to problems at the datacenter facility from which Morse rents space. That's Silicon Valley Web Hosting -- see their ultrahelpful Web site here, and remember the generic faces in that stock photography if you're ever in the market for rackspace. A Twitter search reveals that SVWH's other two customers have also been locked out. Jakio's hurrah came during a brief moment of sunshine around 5 p.m.

I'm guessing that the crack crew down at SVWH has called it a night, and they'll come back in the morning to stand around the machines and scratch themselves. In the meantime, the North Coast Journal is effectively out of business, Internet-wise. No Web site, no e-mail.

Thank you, SVWH, may I have another?

UPDATE: And even as I type, we're back up. Let's see how long that duct tape holds.

UPDATE 2: Bob Morse says:

Site is back up. Massive power outage at the data center. This caused ripple effects in the various network connections, blah, blah.

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