Alleged cockfight kingpin arraigned



Local landowner Ray Christie was arraigned at the county courthouse today on six misdemeanor charges stemming from last month's raid on his McKinleyville farm, where animal control officers found heaps of evidence suggesting a massive gamecock breeding operation.

Christie, who looks like this --

brawny -- appeared in street clothes (blue flannel shirt, Carhartt jeans, workboots) along with his lawyer. They entered not-guilty pleas, and a pre-trial date was set for Feb. 24 at 2 p.m.  Christie, looking relaxed, promptly left the courtroom after the trial date was set.

No one reached at the DA's office Friday afternoon could say why Christie's being charged with just six misdemeanors despite the nearly 1,400 roosters, 72 knives and 13 pairs of gaffs (or spurs) seized from his property last month, according to the T-S .


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