The Next Leader of the U.S.A.



1df36539f58d9156c8944c6ee152696f If Paul Morley of the Observer (London) had his druthers , tomorrow we'd be celebrating the inauguration of North Coast Journal food columnist Joseph Byrd as our new president.

Joseph Byrd of the USA, my mascot of an American truth that is more David Lynch than Steven Spielberg, developed sounds for toys, wrote TV theme tunes, produced klezmer music and tussled with Napster over artist royalties. He currently teaches musical history, collaborates with cerebral Norwegian improvisers Spunk, and writes a very fine food column for the North Coast Journal in Humboldt County, California. This might be an only-in-America ending for one of its most respected cult musicians ...

We'll take it! Says Mr. Byrd:

The Brits have always liked me more than I deserve (Americans less than), but my head swelleth to read this. He makes me sound as important as I think I am!

Morley's column was published four months ago, but somehow Bob, Joseph and I all missed it back then.

Wikipedia has a brief overview of Byrd's strange, eventful life.

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